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Đại Học Bách Khoa Hà Nội

Ha Noi University of Technology’s History

University of Science Hanoi established by Decree No. 147/ND on 6-3-1956 by the Minister of Education Nguyen Van Huyen up. This is the first technical university of our country have the duty to train engineers for the industry to build socialism in the North and South liberation struggle. With 50 years of construction and development, Hanoi Polytechnic School has undergone four stages:

Period 1956-1965

During this period the generation staff and students of the University has experienced the journey first with numerous difficulties and challenges but also very honored, proud. The school has started almost did not come from there to become a university engineering industry is relatively complete. On 15-10-1956, in Hanoi capital, the official school opening ceremony as regular first course for nearly 1000 students in 14 majors of 4 The Faculty – Electrical, Mining – Metallurgy, Chemistry – Food and Construction. During this period we have trained about 4,000 engineers industrial system regular, made more than 100 theses and researches economic contracts – technical production and fighting.

Period 1965-1975

During this period school has developed continuously in quantity and improving the quality of comprehensive mission to serve the political resistance to U.S. participation to save the country and building socialism immediate and long term. Add the contents of teaching and research with revolutionary technology, staff training requirements to adapt to economic, defense of the country. The school has research and applications of several topics on manufacturing and service of national defense. School has trained nearly 7000 students graduated system of regular and 2302 in the SV system of 58 majors. In response to movement of “Three available, nearly 200 staff and over 2700 students turn in time to enlist some additional significant technical staff for the army.

Period 1975-1985

Schools have implemented the plan and implement training to meet the demand for technicians throughout the country in quantity, quality and variety of industries. Quality engineers Hanoi Polytechnic defined as “firmly to all three aspects: Research, design and position directly in production. The school has conducted innovative program content, training methods, combined with the study, combined with research at the University for production. To meet the demand for highly qualified staff KHKT, 1976 College Graduate training system opened in 1979 and started in nine major NCS team. During this period the interest of the Party, Government, especially the help of the Soviet Union, facilities and equipment have been modernized. Training and retraining staff in this period was progress, as of 1985 the number CBGD and PVGD 1467 people, of which over 33% of faculty qualified Graduate, has trained nearly 9000 regular system engineers, systems engineers in the 2200 and 26 Ph.D., vice Dr.

Period 1986 to present

Implement strategic goals to build schools Hanoi University of Technology is not only a training center multidisciplinary, multi-sector, high level, but also a center-RESEARCH CGCN advanced nationwide. The school has increased the size of the training system and Graduate University, diversifying types of training, open new branches and major renovation basic objectives, program content and method of training. Hanoi Polytechnic schools are training over 40,000 students, graduate students and NCS with 67 undergraduate majors and 33 graduate students majors, 57 doctorate majors. During this period, the University promote work-CGCN Research and production business, this is the important factor in improving the quality of education, is a measure of prestige and qualification of a university. Position of the Hanoi University of Technology in international cooperation and effective cooperation from the connection gives school growing, especially in recent years. The school today is cooperation in training, with over 200 Research Universities, Research centers, institutes and institutions of 32 countries around the world, eight are members of the organization network international universities. Through ICD Schools sent about 500 staff and students going abroad to study, research, exchange and … build dozens of international projects in training, equipment, Research to contribute to the strengthening of Facilities for Schools. MOET has assigned the Hanoi Polytechnic schools implemented two advanced training program is a program Co – Electronic Materials and Technology towards the contents of the program the most modern countries. From 1986 to the present facilities of the University is renovating and upgrading a basic infrastructure and the landscape was much more spacious clean, has invested more modern laboratory, built up and are doing big projects for training and research in high level. Working conditions and material life, the spirit of the staff, students continually improved. Special, month 9/2006 The school was put into use eLibrary Ta Quang Buu with 199 billion VND investment, meeting the demand for search information CBVC and SV.

In 2006, the University building projects:”master plan construction and development field Hanoi University of Technology from 2006 to 2030 period.” On 01 May 2002 2007, Minister of Education – Tel Nguyen Thien Nhan has signed Decision No. 668/QD-BGDDT approval of this scheme. This is a good signal to open the way for Hanoi University of Technology soon achieve the goal of becoming a University study, reaching the high-class international standards, contributing positively and effectively again in the industrialization modernize the country.

With the enormous contributions of Schools, of generations of staff and students on career development and national defense with the previous achievements in the innovation past, Hanoi Polytechnic schools honored Project is the first field in the system of university Vietnam Party and State were awarded the more advanced divisions of Labor Hero of the innovation period (2000), Ho Chi Minh Medal (2001), England Heroes of People’s Armed Forces (2006). Trade Union School was awarded first-class Labor Medal (2001), third-class Independence Medal (2006). Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union was awarded the Third Labor Medal (2001), Second class Labor Medal (2006). Many staff and the collective of the University was awarded the Order Medal kinds. As of 2006, a second collective, three individuals Hero of Labor, 4 combatant national emulation, two authors were awarded Ho Chi Minh Award, Teachers 12 people, 148 Teachers’ elite.

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